I just want to post an update to my page. Basically, nothing has changed much with my original idea on why I wanted to start this blog, but I do have a new business I have started with a die-cutting business. So, my plan would still ideally be to have a blog to find a community of individual’s, as well as, couples out there that are going through this new normal and dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Let me just add how much I love the original drama 90 Day Fiance and all of it’s sub-classes, 90 Day Fiance: What Now?, 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk; The Family Chantel; 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarentined. Now that you are overwhelmed, each show features a different couple working to be together and enter the USA on a K-1 Fiance Visa that allows them to enter on a K-1 and get married in 90 Days or their significant other must return to their country and then ultimately end their relationship or decide they really do want to be together and then start over or get married and file for a spousal visa.

Let me be straight, although I am in a relationship with my Nigerian Fiance, we are not a part of the show, yet. Although, I would love to be on one of the shows, we are not yet for personal reasons between my Fiance and I, but we are both equally in love with this show.

Many people immediately think that because my Fiance is from Nigeria, he must be a scammer. This is far from the truth, actually. Austin is an extremely wonderful person with a beautiful soul and I am enthralled with me, as well as, equally in love with him. Something, I have never spoken about is a prior relationship/marriage with my ex-husband who is from the Yoruba Tribe, whom did, in fact, scam me, to get to the USA. What is so funny is that my fiance is from the Igbo Tribe; both tribes have dislike for each other that span decades.

I have chosen to speak about my failed marriage, because I want people to understand that although, our relationship failed, not every Nigerian is out to scam you and there are some genuine Nigerian’s out there, albeit, difficult to find, it is no different than finding an American that is honest and forthcoming. Just because one find’s someone outside of the USA to fall in love with does not automatically make that individuaal someone to be concerned about. One must use a considerable effort of discernment, common sense, and always should check the person out in terms of background checks; this should be done even with someone in their same country, because we have equally dishonest individuals in our every day lives, some even within our own family. We go years before finding out someone’s deep dark secrets; even in marriage.

Let me add a flare of my interests in my personal life, I am a fan of not only horror movies, but also of True Crime Novels and Stories. Most of my friends know that I am in love with Stephen King Books and Movies, but I have spent equal amounts of time reading about real crime stories, in which, I have learned that some individual’s are literally sleeping with the enemy and have absolutely no idea. They met just like any couple through a friend of some other method like dating websites. No one ever judges them in the same way, in which I (and other’s like me) are judged for being in an international relationship. It used to bother me, a lot, what other people thought of me as a person, for choosing to be in an international relationship. But, I am no longer concerned about what others think, because I am happy in my current relationship with Austin; Austin treats me very well. I am in a Facebook group with other’s that are in similar relationships and we choose not judge each other based on this one element to our relationship, and instead we choose to support each other. Unless one finds themselves in an international/long-distance relationship they can never truly understand what that life is like for us survive. Let me be the first to state, it is truly a survival event in our lives in the midst of an international relationship.

Let me add that we don’t intentionally seek an international relationship, either. If one knew the multitude of challenges and heartbreak we encounter in our allegedly chosen relationships, then you might understand why we certainly don’t choose this journey. The distance is not the only challenge we must overcome. We also have a long list of tasks that must be completed in order for us to get to an interview with the Embassy and this is worse than dealing with you typical case of red-tape amd sometimes can take many months or years to get past. Then the interview comes and your significant other must deal with judgments just to get past that situation, not to mention prior relationship drama and convincing them that your relationship is bonafide and not for immigration purposes only. After this the couple still has yet one more hurdle to overcome and that is entry to the USA and passing another “interview” with The Department of Homeland Security upon arrival in the USA. While you are sitting on the outside of their arrival terminal they are inside being grilled about their reasons for coming to the USA. The wait is agonizing as you wait with anticipation to see your loved one again. I’ve been there once before and I never thought I would be going through this again.

Austin and I have had a multitude of challenges to face that are outside the normal challenges, yet we are going strong after 4 years of heartbreak, confusion, medical problems, doubts in our relationship, immigration judgments, and financial problems due to my inability to work for medical reasons. Initially, I started this blog with the main intention to earn a little bit of extra money, but this blog is slowly morphing into therapy more than anything. I know, I haven’t posted much, but don’t mistake that for not having a desire to post more. Unfortunately, my health problems seem to take me away from this blog most days, but that does not mean I would not like to write more often. For example, I just had my 2nd Caudal Injection yesterday and spent most of the day and night sleeping and dealing with the continued pain from my Sciatica Nerve acting like an invasion to body and the nerves desire to take over my body; I mean as I sit outside writing this post my rear end is numb and causing me a great deal of continued pain upon the short reprieve of this injection.

It is not easy to try and keep up with posting once or more daily when all you can think about is this pain. This small members of readers is where my Cricut Machine comes in to my life. My Cricut Machine serves to help me forget this pain, at times. I love the ability this machine allows me to be creative when I never saw myself as being creative. It allows me to taker my creativity to another level, to which I never thought would happen. I can make 3D Cards, 3D Tumblers and Regular Tumblers (never even knew Tumblers existed until I got my Cricut Cutting Machine), Invitations for parties and registries, and so many other things that allow me to give my creations a personal touch tailored to the individual that no one else has access. I love being able to create something that is so personal and seeing that person’s face light up or hearing from a client about how much their loved one loved the item we created together for them, in addition to, seeing that client’s face light up when they get the gift they created for a best friend, relative, or spouse.

“If you can think it; we can make it.”

– My Motto, Princess Chelle’s Crafts

I will try to work on posting a few pictures here on my blog, but I want to provide a link to my Facebook Page at the end of this article to provide anyone that follows me here to take a look at my Page and check out some of the things I am able to do with my die-cutting machine. As soon as I can get my mother’s sewing machine up and running, I will also be able to make and post some finger puppets for your little ones. I love children so to see them respond to some finger puppets or getting some new clothing for their dolls, would bring me a great deal of joy. I would love people’s ideas on things they might like to see created, as well, because as I have stated above, My Motto is, “If you can think it; we can make it.” https://www.facebook.com/Princess.Chelles.Crafts/

Well, that is all I have for now. Stay tuned and watch for my next post, regarding some of my struggles in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We all know how this pandemic is a constant in our lives and there is not one channel on cable TV that has not capitalized on “our new norm,” and how this affects international relationships today. Hope to see you all either in the comments or checking out my Facebook page. Have a blessed day. Share this post to your Facebook page or send to someone you know who is going through the same struggles as Austin and I.