About Us

Austin is from Nnewi, Nigeria, Africa, but currently lives and grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and the surrounding areas. Austin is now 25 years old and carries more wisdom, integrity, and responsibility than anyone I have ever known of his age. His father and mother had 8 children; 3 brother’s and 4 sister’s. Austin is extremely caring, attentive, loving, compassionate, affectionate, dependable, and of course handsome. Austin loves horses and dreams of owning his own horse in the future. He enjoys spending time at home or out with friends However, most of his time is spent at home due to safety reasons. He is very family oriented, very protective of his family, as well as, he is of me, and is extremely trustworthy. The fact that Austin is a Prince has never compromised his integrity, which makes it all the more surreal that I am soon to become, a Princess.

I, Michelle, now 46 year old, was born and raised in Arlington, Texas, USA for the first 15 years of my life. I then moved around the USA a little because my adoptive father was a Lt. Colonel in the United States Air Force. It was not until my later adult years that I came to understand the importance of the lessons learned by my choices and behaviors as a young child and adult and the opportunities missed, because of my selfishness. Austin is to be my 3rd husband and it took both my prior husbands, as well as, Austin’s amazing patience with me (though not always, in the beginning), for me to learn some deep lessons that would influence our relationship today, for the better. I grew up as a tomboy and never imagined I was to one day become an actual Princess, but my love for Austin and his family is much more than a title. I have not seen Austin for a little over 2 years because my health does not allow me to travel anymore right now without a paid Registered Nurse. I am currently on permanent disability and a fixed income does not afford a trip with that extra expense. I have been in and out of the hospital more than most people my age, but Austin has been by my side via phone, video, and photo’s from day one. Soon, he will be arriving here in the US and we are required by immigration to marry within 90 days of his arrival and I could not be more thrilled to finally become his wife, forever.